From the Admin Console, click into the 'School Groups' section.

Creating a Group

Select the 'Add New Group' button to create a new group.

Start by naming your group - the description is optional. You can also choose whether the group will relate to the whole school or just to students in an individual house.

Above the Group Name, you may choose to change the display icon to help with internal organization.

Smart Groups

When you create a new group, the 'Smart Group' option will automatically be toggled 'on'. Smart groups allow you to automatically create a group of students using criteria found in the Student Database. Here is one example:

Create your own Smart Group by selecting different filters. (As shown above, you'll select the 'Attribute' first and then the 'Value' that you want all group members to match.) Any attribute in the Student Database can be used to create a Smart Group, even those you've created yourself using the additional information tool.

Once the attributes are set, scroll to the top and click 'Save'.

Manual Groups

To create your group manually, simply turn off the Smart Group toggle and click individual student names to add them to the group.

Editing or Deleting a Group

From the School Groups section of the School Management menu, where the groups are listed, click the pencil icon to edit or the trash can icon to permanently delete an existing School Group.

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