Scanner overview

How do the scanners work?

Scanners make it quick and easy for students to check into a location by using their student ID card to scan the scanner attached to a Checkpoint Kiosk.

By attaching the ID card UID to a student profile, you'll make the connection between the ID card and Orah.

What school ID cards work with Orah scanners?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to check your compatibility.


To find out more information around cost, shipping, and the process to get a scanner, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


When configuring a scanner you will need to go through three key configuration stages. These are mapped out below.

  1. Updating your database to include the ID card UID

  2. Admin Console update

  3. Connecting the scanner to Checkpoint Kiosk

1.Updating your database to include the ID card UID

Export a CSV file of your existing students from Orah. Admin Console > Students > Export CSV.

Within the CSV file, there will be a column named "ID Card UID". You will have to add the correct UID for each student within this column. If the UID is based on your SIS ID, it may already be stored within the "Student Reference ID". In which case, you should be able to copy-paste the "Student Reference ID" column to the "ID Card UID" column.

Once you've added the ID Card UID to the CSV file, import the updated CSV file. Admin Console > Students > Import CSV.

This process is to map the fields from the CSV to the corresponding existing students. Make sure that you enable the option to update existing students and set "Orah ID" as the reference field. Note that "Student First Name" and "Student Last Name" are also required. Match the "ID Card UID" and complete the update which should take a few seconds.

2.Admin Console updates

Connecting the Checkpoint Kiosk to a location

Create the location that you want to associate with the Checkpoint Scanner if you don't already have one. Also, ensure the Kiosk Checkpoint method is enabled.

Create a Checkpoint ID

Create a Checkpoint ID and connect it to the location that you want to associate with your scanner. You will have to use this Checkpoint ID for the iPad that you're connecting to the scanner.

Not sure how to configure a Checkpoint ID? Click here to find out more.

3.Connecting the scanner to the Checkpoint Device

Turn on the scanner and open the Checkpoint app on your iPad. The Checkpoint app will automatically connect to the scanner via Bluetooth by seeking the specific device name "ACR1255U". You should see the light on the scanner stop blinking which means that the connection has been successful.

Now, if you swipe a card that is associated with a student, it will automatically check them into the location that is connected to the Checkpoint.

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