Extracurricular Workflows

Planning an excursion

Before taking students on an excursion or an off campus activity.  It’s important to ensure that the risks have been taken into account and key stakeholders have reviewed and approved the event before it takes place.  This ensures that the trip goes smoothly and that students are kept safe at all times.

Pastoral Workflows

Bullying Incident

When bullying occurs, it’s important that staff members respond swiftly, the details of the event have been recorded, the appropriate staff members are alerted, and corrective actions are established to prevent further occurrences.  A consistent procedure will ensure that all these actions are completed and each incident is treated fairly.

Depression Report

When taking care of children and teenagers, it’s important to monitor signs of depression and ameliorate any cases that are identified.  Having a defined process will make it easier for the responsible staff members to ensure they are doing everything they can and properly communicating with other stake holders.

Medical Workflows

Student injury report

It’s a serious event when a student is injured while under the care of your school.  Having a workflow in place means that any staff member can alert the right people, record the right information and respond to the student’s needs immediately.

Medical centre booking

If a student is sick or injured, it can be difficult to coordinate with the medical centre to get them admitted for treatment and recovery.  With a workflow you can alert the school nurse to examine and treat the student.

Facility Management Workflows

Equipment booking process

Workflows can make it easy for staff to book equipment they need while ensuring everything is recorded and the proper approvals have been issued.

Space booking process

A workflow can make it easy to book spaces that teachers or other school staff need.

Building maintenance checks

Maintenance reports are important to make sure the buildings are kept in safe and working condition.  A workflow can help support regular maintenance checks and reports.

Human Resources Workflows

Student induction

Students will always remember their first impression when they join your school so you want to make sure they are inducted smoothly and feel a part of your community.  This is also a good chance to make sure the student is aware of all the health and safety procedures.

Staff onboarding

Getting staff properly onboarded is critical to ensuring your school maintains it’s standards and enables new staff to start contributing as soon as possible.

Staff leave requests

If staff member needs to take sick or vacation leave, the approval process can be streamlined with a workflow.

Safety Workflows

Health and safety internal audits

Regular audits ensure that your school meets it’s health and safety requirements.  The Health & Safety officer can use a workflow template to ensure items are checked regularly.

Natural disaster preparation

Being prepared for natural disasters is the best way to mitigate injuries to students and unnecessary chaos.  The health and safety officer should have regular checks in place to make sure the school is ready for the unexpected.

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