This article explains how you can build out and import data into your own custom fields which will be displayed within the student profile. A few examples of what could be added to the student profile are:

  • Permissions

  • Additional medical notes

  • License numbers

  • Visa details

  • Approved drivers

  • Class information

  • Communication accounts

Configuring additional information fields

On the Students page, click on the 'i' icon (additional Information).

Click on the "Add New Category" icon

Input your new category and click 'Create'

In your new category click on 'Add New Field'

Note: the Icon on the right of the trash can icon, is there to help you sort the order that your fields appear.

Select your field type and name your field, click "Create"

This category and field will now be added under the students 'More Info' tab on the right side of their profile.

Inputting data

There are two options for inputting data into the additional information fields - Manually input data via the student profile or do a bulk upload via a csv template.

Manually adding this information through the student profile

Open a student profile scroll down to find the Additional Information you want to edit.

Input the new information, then click 'Save'

Your data has now been added!

Adding data via a csv import

The process is done when importing your students. Your additional information fields will be included in the CSV template. From here you can create a spreadsheet with all the updates you want to upload. 

If you require any further assistance please contact our support team via the blue chat icon at the bottom right of this page.

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