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Importing Your Students into Orah
Importing Your Students into Orah

Upload your student database via .csv or manually add individual students.

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Note: If you are using an SIS Integration to import your student body, please contact your Success Manager to assist with the setup.

From the Admin Console, click on 'Students' to navigate to the Student Database.

Select the 'Import Students' button (the cloud and up arrow icon) on the right side of the page.

To make the process of importing students as painless as possible, Orah provides a CSV template for your use. You can use an existing CSV file with student information if you prefer, but we recommend using our template, which will match the fields listed in the Orah system.

Compiling the Student Data

When you open the file in a spreadsheet, you will be able to copy and paste data from other sources in to match the column headers. We recommend that you keep the order and the column headers as they are for ease of import.

The following are the student attributes in the CSV:

  • Orah ID*

  • House Name

  • Student First Name

  • Student Last Name

  • Alternative Name

  • Student Email

  • Student Reference (ID)

  • Student Home Phone

  • Student Mobile Phone

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth (eg. 2016-30-06)

  • Year/Grade

  • Dietary Information

  • Medical Information

  • Magnus Health Vendor Key

  • ID Card UID

  • Pin Number

The only mandatory fields are 'Student First Name' and 'Student Last Name', though you will also need 'Student Email' in order to invite students to create their Orah accounts.

*Note: The only field you must leave blank is 'Orah ID', which will be automatically assigned by the system when the students are uploaded.

The CSV also has column-headers relating to your students' contacts (parents, guardians, etc.) They are listed as follows:

  • Contact 1 First Name

  • Contact 1 Last Name

  • Contact 1 Title

  • Contact 1 Relationship (e.g. Mother)

  • Contact 1 Email

  • Contact 1 Home Phone

  • Contact 1 Mobile Phone

  • Contact 1 Address

  • Contact 2 First Name

  • Contact 2 Last Name

  • ... etc

You can have up to four contacts per student with the initial student upload.

Note: If a student has more than four associated contacts, they can be added manually after the import in the 'Contacts' section of the School Management menu.

Uploading the Student Data

Once your sheet is prepared and saved, click on the 'Choose CSV File to Import', find your sheet and click to upload.

The next screen shows you all the fields that can be loaded for each student profile. The mandatory fields are 'Student First Name' and 'Student Last Name'. If you are using your own format of CSV file, the system will need to you select/map your fields by choosing the corresponding names from your CSV.

Note: Boxes will appear in red if a data point is missing or invalid and you will not be able to continue the import. Navigate back to your sheet, fix the issue, save and begin again.

Once all of your fields are matched, scroll to the bottom then click to confirm the upload.

If you aren't totally sure about any of the above steps or have any questions, check in with our Customer Success Team by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We want to make sure the import goes perfectly!

Manually Adding a Student

Need to add a small number of students into your Orah Student Database? You can add a student in manually.

In the Student Database, click the '+' icon found next to the import icon.

You will be prompted to input the student's details in the form. Once the information has been entered, click 'Save', or 'Save and add another' if you want to continue adding students.

Optional: At the bottom of the form you can add a contact's details and then click 'Add Contact' to add an unlimited amount of contacts for the student.

Exporting the Student Database

If you need to export your Orah Student Database, from the 'Students' tab, click the 'Export' (the down arrow into hard drive icon) button on the top right.

This will export the data into a .csv for use outside of Orah. The export will also contain headers for any columns that exist within the database, but do not currently have data populated. This can be useful for any mass updates to student profiles.

Updating Student Information

Orah gives you the ability to update all your boarders via a CSV file by choosing which data you want to modify.

First, navigate to the 'Students' section in School Management, then click on the 'Import students' icon.

Note: If you don't already have your students in a spreadsheet form, you can export them from Orah (per above), make the applicable changes on your sheet and re-import following the below instructions.

Click 'Choose CSV File to Import' and select the appropriate file from your computer. Once you have selected your file, you will be taken to the 'Map Fields' screen.

Ensure you have the 'Upload Options' toggled to YES. This will make sure that the information you are uploading updates the student data already in the system. Then choose a data point directly below the toggle to properly match the students on your sheet to those in the system. We strongly recommend using a value you know will be unique for each student (i.e. Student Reference ID or student email address). If you are using the export from Orah, then Orah ID will be available as an option as well.

The mandatory fields are 'Student First Name', 'Student Last Name', and the unique field you chose as your matching reference.
If you have exported your spreadsheet from Orah, then the system should automatically detect which columns match up.

Note: All columns that are green will be imported and update existing information. Be careful not to select any columns that you don't want to change - select the small 'x' within the green box to unselect, so only the boxes in Green reflect the data you are updating.

Before you complete the import, review the student numbers listed in blue at the top of the page. If this looks incorrect, do not yet continue with the import. Once you are satisfied with which columns are matched and highlighted and the student numbers appear accurate, scroll to the bottom to confirm the upload.

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