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How to enable and use the Engage Integration
How to enable and use the Engage Integration
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Like our other integrations, you need to be an account administrator in order to enable the Engage integration via Wonde, an integration tool that allows Orah to integrate with Engage through their single API. With the Engage integration, you can eliminate the hassle of double-handling data between two systems. Engage will manage core information fields within Orah so any updates made within Engage will reflect in Orah upon your next automatic or manual sync. This will help ensure your data is consistent and accurate across the board.

What data can you sync?

Orah is capable of syncing your most relevant pupil information from Engage. See below for the exact information that can be integrated.

Pupil Information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Student ID

  • Email

  • Phone

  • House Assignment

Contact information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Relationship

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Address


  • House name


  • Create

  • Edit

  • Delete


To be able to integrate with Orah, you will need to have an API key generated via Wonde. To start this process, you need to contact to submit an integration request with Engage via Wonde in order for the connection process to begin.

Once this request has been sent, your school will be added to Orah’s Wonde Developer account which will put you in contact directly with Wonde and start the integration process. When Wonde has completed the setup and approval process, you will be given the opportunity to review the data we at Orah are requesting access to. Once reviewed, your connection will be considered live and ready to take the next steps. Orah will be notified your connection is live.

Orah’s development team or Wonde will then generate the unique API key for the school within our Wonde Developers account and securely provide it to the school to enable the integration via the Data Integration tab.

Enabling the integration

To enable your Engage integration, you will need to navigate to the Data Integration tab with your API key and your Wonde School ID. Simply click the Wonde integration option for the setup page to open.

On the setup page, input your API key, Wonde School ID, and map out the following options to best suit your data needs.

  • Wonde School ID

  • Student Type Field (Custom to sync all student types)

  • Student Name Field

  • Sync Houses

  • Sync Contacts

  • Sync Photos

  • Include Day Students

Once applied, press enable integration.

How it works

By enabling this integration, your Wonde API credentials will be authenticated and saved to our Orah database. An initial sync will take place to import all students from your Engage database and merge any existing students in the Orah database.

Managing your data

Syncing your data

You can set the automatic sync to occur periodically (every 6-8 hours) or alternatively, you can perform a manual sync with a single click which will sync your student information instantly.

Existing students

If you already have students in your Orah account, we do our best to automatically link existing students via individual matching references from within Orah and Engage. If we are unable to match your students, you will find these students are listed on the debugger page where you can search and match these students.

Deleting students

As Engage will manage your core information, you will need to mark a student as inactive in Engage in order to remove them from your Orah account. We offer the option of deleting students, which will permanently remove all records associated with this student, or a deactivate option which will archive their records. The deactivate option is applied by default.

Debugging Problems

It is important to note that Wonde's policy is that they do not transform data, therefore Orah works with the school to support data adjustments. Below are a few debugging issues we have come across and actions we recommend taking if you see these matters arise.

Boarding status

  • Currently, the main issue we have come across is not having access to the students "boarding status" to allow us (Orah) to filter down to only boarding students

  • Wonde is currently working to implement this field across their systems

  • Action: Just need to wait for this to be implemented

Boarding houses

  • The next issue we have come across is missing boarding houses. Currently, without boarding status, we use the boarding houses to determine who is a boarder and who is not.

  • Without boarding houses, we cannot filter down the students at all which stops the uptake of the integration completely as schools do not want all their students in Orah

  • Action: Contact and confirm that you group students into boarding houses in your SIS (some schools might just use regular school houses). If you do, Orah should expect to see that data in Wonde. If it's not there, Orah will need to make a ticket with Wonde support to have them investigate.

Missing student photos

  • Profile photos missing for some students, but not others

  • Action: Get an example of a student that is missing their profile photo and send it to Wonde support for them to investigate.


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