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Syncing Staff User from TASS

As easily as you can import student information from your TASS SIS, now you can do the same for staff !

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☝🏽 Note - to make staff import from TASS you need to have TASS LMS credentials

Sync/Link Staff User Accounts

Schools with SIS TASS Integration can now bring in and sync (create and update) all their staff user accounts on Orah. For schools with an active SIS integration, the steps below will guide you to sync staff from TASS SIS.
Sync Pull - Create & Update
Field Pulled - Email | First & Last Name | Title

🧭 Navigate : Admin Console > Data Integration or App Directory > Integration
​Use this link to go directly to the SIS integration page

☝🏽 Note - If a new TASS connection has been made, it is most likely that the staff records are synced. So, if you have already synced Staff skip to view synced staff below.


🧭 Navigate : App Directory (left side menu bar) > under the SIS Partners tab > TASS

Step 01
Navigate to TASS in App Directory and click 'New Sync Object' on the right side

Step 02

Select 'Staff' from the list of available records to sync, and click on 'Next'

Step 03
Preview/Configure the values that will be synced, and click on 'Done'

Finished !
Your School's SIS Staff will be now imported/synced with Orah

Once the integration is completed, check for Integration success.

For existing schools - that already have staff users on Orah - running this staff sync would mean automatically connecting/linking all staff users on Orah with the TASS SIS. This sync matches the email ID of the staff user on both platforms to do so.

For new schools - not having any staff users - running this staff sync would mean all the staff from TASS SIS will be synced to Orah and will appear in the Admin Console > Staff as the imported state (which can be further configured directly on Orah to suit the needs of the school).
​All the synced staff users on Orah will be linked to the SIS as denoted by 'Disconnect TASS ID' under the account status. You can manually disconnect the link in case required. Note disconnect staff if not connected would re-connect when the sync runs again.

Staff Sync Settings

  • Schools have 2 sync options to Create or Update staff accounts or both.

  • Create - will create any new staff user account

  • If you don't want to auto-sync, it can be disabled using the Auto-Sync toggle option

  • Auto-sync takes place once every 24 hrs (not 5 hrs)

  • Use the Sync button on the top right corner to manually run the sync

  • Use the kabab (3 dots) menu on the top right corner to remove the sync

  • Note - removing the sync will not result in deleting the staff

🧭 Navigate : Admin Console > Data Integration or App Directory > Integration > Staff > Settings

Fields Mapping

Hope this was helpful. We can also import all staff from other SIS like Blackbaud and Veracross, do let your neighbor school know about it. If you have any further questions, just click the blue chat icon at the bottom right corner of this page or email us at Support email -, we will help you navigate through it. Cheers !

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