Connecting to an account

How to connect to a Boardingware account - new and existing users.

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Connecting to your Child

When you connect with your child you will be able to approve and apply for passes on their behalf. First, your child's school will send you an invitation email like the one you will see below.

Please note that for security reasons Boardingware Support is unable to send invitation on behalf of the school.

Connecting to Boardingware for the first time

If you are connecting to Boardingware for the first time, simply click the 'Connect to my child' option on the left.

On the your new web page, click the create account option.

The create account option prompts you to fill out a sign up form. Input as much information as possible for your school to work with and please double check to ensure all your information is correct.  Then agree to the terms and conditions and finally click next.
NB; If you are having trouble adding your mobile number, please try add a + icon and your country code in front of your mobile number. For example; +64 0211111111111

Review our security notes then tick to confirm to our terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Click create account to gain access to your Boardingware account. 

Existing Boardingware Users

If you have used Boardingware through a parent account previously, please select the I have an Account option on the invitation. 

You will be prompted to log in before you can connect your existing account with your child. Please input your email address and password in the required fields.

Click connect to confirm that this is the correct child and you wish to connect them to your account.

Once you have completed this process, check your 'My Students' page to confirm that your child has been connected to your account.

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