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Importing and Managing Contacts
Importing and Managing Contacts

Adding and inviting parents, guardians, and other student contacts.

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From the Admin Console, navigate to 'Contacts' to visit the Contact Database.

Note: If you utilize one of Orah's SIS integrations or have an Open API connection, Contacts (like students) will be automatically imported into Orah.

Importing Contacts En Masse

The easiest way to import all contacts is to include contacts in the CSV when you import your Student Database.

If you import your students first and then need to add all of your contacts at a later date, the easiest way to mass add contacts is via a CSV update.

Adding Individual Contacts

In the Contact Database, click the 'Add Contacts' button next to the name of the applicable student.

Input the details and click the checkmark to save your changes.

Inviting Contacts to Create an Orah Account

Click the '0' to select all contact or select contacts individually. Next, select the envelope icon at the top of the list.

You will be prompted with a 'Invite Contacts' pop-up to confirm the contacts you wish to invite. Once confirmed click 'Invite Contacts'.

Note: The system will detect if there are pending invites, and send reminders and skip over any Contact who is already connected.

Updating Contact Information

Search for your contact that you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon next to their name.

Edit the information and click on the checkmark icon to save changes.

Note: You are only able to update the information displayed in the contacts section. The connected parent account data is information that the parents/ guardians have provided during the account creation process. Only parents can edit this information.
If you have any questions after reading through, click the blue chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. This will start a conversation with one of Orah's Team.

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