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Getting Started with Orah Attendance (Supervise)
Getting Started with Orah Attendance (Supervise)
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Here at Orah, we are super excited to introduce schools to Orah Attendance (Supervise), to help you better manage your day-to-day operations.

Steps to get you started with Orah Attendance (Supervise)

This article is a step-by-step guide to getting your school started with Mood Checks. This covers the key 5 steps to get you up and running.


Step 1. Database Management

Step 2. Configuring Locations, Passes and Rolls

Step 3. Training and Informing users of Orah

Step 4. Invite users

Step 5. Go live!

Step 1. Database Management / Importing your Students

When setting up your account, you will have two options for database management, CSV import or an integration with your SIS/MIS. Please follow the steps outlined under the applicable database management option for your school below.

CSV Import Process

If you are managing your database via csv (spreadsheet) import, you will want to ensure that you have populated your Houses (school or residential) before completing the import into Orah. This will allow your csv to match and assign students to the Houses when completing the import.


If you are making a connection via your school's SIS/MIS, please refer to our Integrations page and select the SIS/MIS that applies and follow the directions. If you do not see your SIS/MIS listed, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or our Support line at

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows schools to maintain centralized user authentication and enables staff, students, and even parents to log in to Orah using this centralized system. Orah supports the SAML 2.0 protocol which is compatible with most user-directory systems, such as Active Directory or Google Apps. If you wish to enable this for your account, you may need to contact your Customer Success Manager.

Please note that some schools might not have access to the integration feature or SSO due to contractual agreements. We are happy to review and adjust this at any given time. Please send us an email at to find a time to connect with us to discuss this further.

Step 2. Configuring Passes, Locations and Rolls

Once you have your database imported into Orah, you will need to configure the Passes, Locations and Rolls that best fit your school. Please click the button below and follow the steps to configure your Orah Attendance (Supervise) dashboard.

If you wish to test these settings from a student account to ensure your settings are correct and that you're getting the desired results, please feel free to create a dummy student for testing purposes. If you need assistance with configuring a dummy student, please click here for a guide on this process.

Step 3. Training and Informing users of Orah

We encourage our schools to familiarise themselves and their students with the platform ahead of going live. To help support this, we have put together some tools to assist with internal training and informing parents and/or students of Orah.

Step 4. Invite users

Once you've completed your database import, Mood Check configuration, and training, you will want to invite Staff and Students to create their accounts. This will allow them to go through a simple connection process and then start submitting or reviewing Mood Checks from their account.

Don't forget to send reminders to users who are yet to create an account.

Step 5. Go Live!

Once you have completed all of the above, you will be live with your Mood Checks.

If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our support team at

We are always happy to connect!

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