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Customizing Transportation Options in a Pass
Customizing Transportation Options in a Pass

Add more detail to your leave records and keep track of how students are traveling

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To get all the information you need from your students as they leave campus, you have the ability to request additional transportation information in the Form Builder.

Note: Before you view read this article, make sure you've checked out our Pass Overview.

Customize Transportation Options

In the Form Builder (step 3 in the Pass creation process), click 'edit' to the right of Departure or Return transport.

Note: Make sure the transport options are set at optional or required to see the 'Edit' link.

First, toggle on the transportation option(s) you want to display on the form. Then, you can add additional fields underneath transportation options that students or parents can include when they submit the Pass request.

You are able to create up to 10 custom fields for each transport type, and choose whether they are required or optional. In this example we will create three fields to collect additional detail under the 'Train' transport option.

Note: Make sure to make the same customizations in both the 'Departure Transport' and 'Return Transport' areas if you would like the fields to be the same for both legs of the journey.

Presetting Transportation Options

If you would like to preset which Transport students will be using you can do that by clicking where it says 'No preset departure transport'. This will force the requester to use the transport type you choose.

Now, when the leave is scheduled (by staff) or requested (by students and parents), the extra fields will be included.


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