Automatic Roll Checks

Set up a Roll to run automatically to mark students based on their location and active passes at the time of the Roll

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This roll check goes on in the background of your account at a specific time that has been set by an Admin. No action from Staff is needed to begin the roll. The roll will use your student's location and parameters setup on the backend to mark students in various states while the roll is taking place.

For example: Structured study hall beings at 6pm. At 5:45pm a study hall roll will begin. Students will check into Study Hall using an NFC checkpoint, by staff member, or through the Orah Checkpoint app. As long at they are checked into the study hall location by 6:05, they will be marked as present. Anyone checking in after 6:05 will be marked as late, and if no check in takes place, the student will be marked as absent. Students on approved passes will be marked as excused. Once the roll completes, a summary will be sent to specific staff, and a message can be crafted to be sent to students who are absent.

Configuring an Automatic Roll Check

From the Admin Console, scroll down to the Attendance (Supervise) product and select 'Rolls'.

In the Rolls menu, click '+ New Roll Type' at the top right and then when given the option select 'Automatic Roll Checks'.

Name your Roll and use the filters to select which students this Roll will apply to:

Edit or add codes for which students will be marked during the roll. In the below example, 'Approved Pass' has been added as a custom option.

Next, select when you would like the Roll to run, and for which location. Change the timeline to adjust what timeframe students who are checked in/check in to the location will be marked as present, when they should be marked late, and when the roll will end (those not checked into the location by that time will be marked as Absent).

Note: If you do not see the location you need in the dropdown menu, please navigate to Locations in the Admin Console and click on the location to make sure it is an Interactive Location, with the Check-In method of 'Staff App' toggled on.

Choose which Roll code corresponds with the location and time. Add any passes that would warrant a different code, and assign that code:

Setup notifications for Students and/or Staff Members to be sent when the roll ends.

For Students, you can send a different notification message based on the student's status in the roll and send via push notice and/or email:

For Staff, you can select which members should receive a summary of the roll when it ends.

Once configured, scroll to the very top and click 'Save' at the right side. The roll will now run on its own.

Records of the roll will be available in the 'Roll History' section of the Rolls Menu as well as on each student's records area.

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