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Changing student statuses and viewing Automatic Roll records

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What is an Automatic Roll?

This roll check goes on in the background of your account at a specific time that has been set by an administrator. No action from Staff is needed to begin the roll. The roll will use your students' location and parameters set up on the backend to mark students in various states while the roll is taking place.

Changing a Student's Location During an Automatic Roll

You may be asked to change a student's status while an automatic roll is running. Since the roll applies a state based on their live location, you simply need to update a student's location while the roll is taking place to change their status. From the Homeboard, select the student, then the Location button. Select the current location for the student to check them in. Once the location is changed to where the student needs to be, the status will reflect on the roll record accordingly.

Accessing Automatic Roll Records

When an automatic roll is running, you will see a small icon on the Roll Check button on the homepage. When you click on Roll Check, you can see further details about the roll that is running. You will not be able to click into the roll while it is running but can change a student's location which will inform their status on the roll.

Once the roll has finished running, you can access the record to review or edit it by clicking on the Roll Check button on the Homeboard and then selecting 'Past Rolls'. You can also see the record in the Activity Feed, which can be accessed under the Unify tab.

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