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Event Passes

Understanding and reviewing Event Passes

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Event Passes work similarly to Open Passes but has additional features like reminders, event times, and submission time frames. There are two different types of event passes available to a school; Student Informed and School Informed.

โ€‹Student Informed: Are used for a specific event, such as a holiday break. Differs from an Open Pass in that you can set when you would like the submission time to open/close, and set reminders to be sent leading up to the submission close time. Students will be providing all the details of the pass (ie departure/return times & transport).

School Informed: This is used when the school is planning a trip and will provide the logistical details. Students will then be able to opt-in/out of this event and a quota can be added if applicable. The details on the pass will be loaded for the students.

Reviewing & Tracking Events

To access Events you'll want to navigate to Activities (Coordinate) and then click Events in the left-hand navigation.

Click to expand on your selected event.

The first view will display a list of your student responses. Clicking on the green tick or red cross will pull the list of the students who have responded already, who haven't, or alternatively, scroll through to see responses.

If you wish to update a student's response on their behalf, simply click the three dots on the right-hand side to select the response that applies and follow the prompts, if any.

Note: Details of the students' responses will be located in the requests section of the app for easy review and approval like normal.

Click on the event details section to see the details of your event. You will be able to delete the event or edit the quota, reminder frequency, and checklists by selecting the three dots at the top right.

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