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Mood Checks (admin)

Steps to get started with Mood Checks at your school

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Mood Checks

The smart and easy way to assess the spirit and well-being of your students.

What are Mood Checks?

Mood checks are a simple way your students can share how they feel and what are the factors impacting their overall mood.

Mood checks use intelligently designed and interactive surveys which students can use to reflect on their emotions and thoughts using various ‘Emotion labels’, ‘Mood Influences’, ‘Energy & Happiness quotient’, and even a free text field to articulate their emotions.

Collected responses are then presented to you to show a collective Mood summary of the school and you can even dive deeper into reviewing each student's mood & reasons.

Activating the Mood Check feature for your School

To activate Mood Checks for your school, please contact your CSM today.

Setting Up the Mood Checks

👉 Mood Check Setting has a new page - Read here

Mood Check Dashboard

If you have subscribed to Orah Unify, you have the ability to build real-time dashboards to review your school's/individual data.

Enabling Staff Permission

Setting up permissions for your staff to access Mood Checks

Under the Admin Console, Click on ‘Staff’ to find the list of all staff users.

To edit permission rights for any staff user, click on the desired user from the list to open the Staff User Profile.

You can even use the Search option to find any user from the list.

Once on the Staff Profile Page, click on Access and Scroll down to the ‘Student Care (Nurture)’ package option under Product Access.

To edit permission rights related to the Mood Checks feature, simply click on the edit button visible as a pencil icon on the right side of your screen.

Toggle the All School button to permit the user to access Mood Check for all students or assign the user to access Mood Check only for designated House or Groups.

Further down, select whether the user should have rights to View Mood Checks & Mood Check settings respectively.

Click on Apply to save the changes.

Orah Support

We love to help our customers whenever they need our help. Click the blue button on the right to start a chat with us.

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