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Managing Absences/ Sick Students with Orah via Locations
Managing Absences/ Sick Students with Orah via Locations
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In order to share this information with the main school, you will need to complete the following four steps.

  1. Update the Student’s location

  2. Navigate to the sick list

  3. Export your list

  4. Email to the front office

Updating the Student’s Location

Select your Student/s on the Homeboard and then press the Location button

Using the dropdown menu, select the In House Sick option and save.

Navigating to the sick list

Now that your student’s location has been updated, you will want to navigate to just your sick list. Simply use the filter options on the right-hand side menu and select your In House Sick location

This will now provide you wih a Homeboard view of your students who will not be attending school today.

Exporting you list

To export your list, simply click on the export icon on the Homeboard with your current In House Sick filter applied.

You will then need to confirm the export for your current list for the export process to begin.

Once you click export, you will have a csv (spreadsheet) file with the list of students.

Email the front office

Using your normal emailing system, please attach the downloaded csv (spreadsheet) of today’s sick students to an email and send it to the front office. This will allow the school to easily manage and review the absences for today.

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