Nurture is designed to help you help your students improve their health and wellbeing. With that intent in mind, we are continuously adding more features to the product.

Our recent release includes ‘Student Support.’ It is a repository that you can build to contain details of all staff members your students can reach out to. In turn, make a greater impact in improving the well-being of vulnerable students. The support staff members' information that is added here is shown as resources in the wellness center on the student app.

How can I add/edit the details of a support staff member?

  • Login to your Orah account.

  • Navigate to Nurture and click on Student Support.

  • To add a support staff member, click on the +Support Staff icon on the top right.

  • You can either choose to add an existing staff member or manually add a new staff member.

  • Update or add all necessary information about the staff member (like available time, appointment link, which group of students should the profile be visible to, and more). Click on Save and the staff member is added to the list.

  • To edit any details, click on the staff profile you want to edit. Click on the vertical three-dot menu and choose edit. Click on remove to delete the staff profile from the list.

  • You can pin a staff member i.e. highlight the profiles to be shown to students at the top.

Note: Any changes made to the staff profile will not be reflected in the staff card under Student Support. This is to ensure that users of better control over what information is being displayed to students. For e.g. Staff can have multiple phone numbers under his/her profile but can decide to display only the work number on the card.

In the next release, we aim to deploy 24/7 Help. This is similar to student support. It is a repository that you can build to contain details of counselors or third-party helplines that your students can reach out to.

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