Pastoral Notes (Admin)

Set up wellbeing categories and assign point values to track student behaviors

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What are Pastoral Notes?

Pastoral notes are a way for you to communicate and log well-being notes for an individual student or multiple students.

Pastoral notes are a powerful tool as they allow you to assign a pastoral type and subtype, name the event, provide a description, and add any additional notes. There is also the option to mark a pastoral note as sensitive and to add it to a watchlist. Sensitive notes restrict who can review these notes and the watchlist will add an icon next to your student's name in Orah so it alerts other staff members to the note.

Your account will have five boilerplate pastoral types available, but you can edit those as needed and/or add additional pastoral types and create subcategories.

Updating Pastoral Categories

From the Admin Console, navigate to the Nurture product and select 'Pastoral'.

Click on the top right buttons to create a new Pastoral Category or a new Subcategory. Use the three lines to the left of the category name to re-order the categories. Use the right side down arrow to view the subcategories and edit them.

To edit a Pastoral Category, click on the pencil icon to the right and complete the form. To edit a Sub-category, click on the three dots to the right to edit.

Assigning Pastoral Points

To better quantify the behaviour of your student body, you can assign a point value to a Pastoral Category or Subcategory. In Orah, you can now assign a point value to each of your pastoral categories. Each category has (if selected) a default value that is either fixed or able to be adjusted by staff users when logging a pastoral record.

Reviewing Pastoral Records

You can view a student's pastoral record history in their student profile. Click into the records section and use the filter to select pastoral. Change the date range to search if you would like.

You can view all recorded pastoral notes from this page or use the export button to download the records into a spreadsheet.

For more detail on a student's pastoral notes and to view their Pastoral Points total, click into the Reports section of the student's profile and ensure that Pastoral Report is selected.

Here you can view a history of recent pastoral records, a pie chart of record types, and the student's total earned pastoral points.

Pastoral records has a new centralised view, that is all of students' pastoral records in one place. Read more about it here Pastoral / Behavorial Records Overview Page.

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