A step by step guide to the options available for making a zone or location interactive.

The following options are available for a zone, location or sub-location.

Check In Methods

Check in methods define how a student can be checked into a location.

Staff App: Staff are able to check a student in/out to this location when toggled on.

Student App: Students can use their phone to check in/out of this location when toggled on.

NFC Checkpoints: Student's whose phones support NFC functionality can tap on the icon within their app and hold their phone up to the NFC chip assigned to this location to be checked in.

Kiosk Checkpoint: Students can check into this location using an iPad Checkpoint.

Open Pass required: This location requires a pass in order to be checked in/out of. A pass type will need to be selected in the below section.

In-Transit Tracking

In-transit tracking will record how long it takes a student to get to their next location after leaving this location.

Student will be put into transit if the current location has transit settings (required or optional) *or if the parent of the location that they are leaving* has the transit settings required or optional.

If there is both optional and required transit settings from the parent location, the system will use the required transit rule as it has higher priority.

Staff App: Toggle on if, when staff check a student out of this location, the student should be tracked to their next location.

Student App: Toggle on if when a student checks out of this location with their phone they should be tracked to their next location.

Kiosk Checkpoint: Toggle on if when a student check out of this location from a kiosk, they should be tracked to their next location.

Connected Open/Event Passes

Connecting an Open or Event pass to a location means that location will be available to select when that pass is being completed. By Selecting the '+Add' button you can add a pass to make that location available on the pass. You can also adjust this in the 'location' section of the pass settings.

Connected NFC Checkpoints
If you have configured your NFC Checkpoints, you will see the checkpoint connected to the location here.

Connected Kiosks

If you have a Checkpoint (kiosk) set at this location, sync the Kiosk to the location button by adding the '+Add' button.

Feeling a little confused? We understand that there is a lot of changes coming with this release, so please feel free to hit the blue chat bubble in the right-hand corner to start a conversation with us to find out how these settings can be best applied to your account. We're always more than happy to help!

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