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Checkpoint Kiosk overview

What is the Checkpoint Kiosk?

The Checkpoint Kiosk is a standalone iPad app that allows students to update their location and/or interact with passes. The locations and passes that are visible on the Checkpoint App are determined by an account administrator to ensure your processes and workflows are followed. Students cannot see or access other feature sets from this application.

What app do I need to download?

Head along to your App Store and search for Orah Checkpoint. Simply download the app and log in with an administrator's login to get started.

What iPad type do I need to be able to use the Checkpoint Kiosk?

As long as you have an iPad that can run on the latest version of iOS you will be able to access the Checkpoint App.


Checkpoint Kiosk settings

To give you the ability to remotely manage the settings of the Checkpoint App, receive offline alerts, and monitor key information from the admin console, we highly recommend configuring Checkpoint IDs to connect to the Checkpoint App.

Find out more information on how to create and assign Checkpoint IDs here.

If you do not wish to configure your Checkpoint App via the Checkpoint IDs, there are options within the app to apply manual settings.

Location settings

To allocate the locations that your students can engage with on the Checkpoint App, you will need to update the individual location Check-In Methods by simply toggling on the Kiosk Checkpoint.

Pass settings

Under step 5. Workflow of your pass settings, simply apply the Checkpoint Kiosk to activate a scheduled pass, activate immediately, and/or end steps of the pass workflow.

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