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Hygienic methods for checking in and out
Hygienic methods for checking in and out
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Contactless Check-ins


NFCs provide a contactless way for your students to check into a location. This is a fixed NFC Checkpoint that students can scan through their Orah Student App to update their location and end passes (depending on your account configuration). We’d recommend implementing these as they are completely contactless and ensure your student physically been in the location they have just checked into / where the NFC is. To learn more about the NFC and how to order these, please click here.

NFC Checkpoints

Student App

Enabling the ability for students to check-in and out via their Orah Student App provides another contactless method for your school or boarding house. However, it is important that students check-in and out when they are physically on campus so we recommend having a discussion with them about the importance around this.

To enable check-in and out options through the Student App simply open your pass types, navigate to the Workflow page, and then apply Student App to either the ‘Who can activate a scheduled Pass of this type?’ (if this is a pass the students request) or the ‘Who can immediately activate while creating this Pass?’ (if this a pass type that students do not request) and the ‘Who can end this Pass?’ option. Please see screenshots below for examples of this.

Workflow for a pass that is requested

Workflow for a pass that is not requested / the students can sign out on without prior approval

Other check-in methods

Checkpoint App

If you are using the Checkpoint App/ Kiosk, we recommend placing antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer next to the Checkpoint App so students can wipe down the screen before touching the iPad and then sanitize their hands afterward. This allows the students to safely check-in and out as usual.

Staff check-ins

Checking in and out with a staff member can still be done from a safe distance. We recommend adhering to the social distancing rule of being 2m apart when completing staff check-ins/ outs.

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