Orah Staff App

The Orah Staff App is a staff use-only application and can be accessed on iOS or Android. This application gives staff members the freedom to complete daily tasks and stay up to date with students and their status without being tied to a desk.

Search Orah Staff App in your App Store/ Play Store to download this app.

Orah Checkpoint App

The Checkpoint Kiosk is a standalone iPad app that allows students to update their location and/or interact with passes. The locations and passes that are visible on the Checkpoint App are determined by an account administrator to ensure your processes and workflows are being followed. Students cannot see or access other feature sets from this application.

As this is an iPad-only app, search Orah Checkpoint App in your iPad's App Store to download this app.

Orah Student App

The Orah Student App is an app available to your students to use once they have created their Orah account which allows them to submit pass requests for their parents and/or hosts to endorse, and then giving the school the final approval.

Search Orah Student App in your App Store/ Play Store to download this app.

Additional notes on the Orah Apps:

  • It’s important to ensure your devices are always running on the latest version of the Orah App and OS.

  • Parents do not have an iOS app available at this stage. They can access Orah via our mobile-friendly web page app.orah.com or use our Orah App on Android devices.

  • Orah Staff App and Orah Checkpoint App have the ability to work in offline mode on iPads. This means if the device loses internet connection, your data will store on the device and sync back to the other devices once back online. This is not available on phones.

If you have any questions about which apps are right for you, please let us know by clicking the chat bubble.

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