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Creating Forms for Different Audiences

How to set up forms to send to Students, Staff, Parents, or the Public

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While the steps to create a form are consistent across audiences, there are some components that will differ based on whether you are creating a form to send to students, staff, parents, or the public. This article will outline those significant items. For basic information on how to create a form, please see our Forms Overview.

Student Forms

When sending a form to Students, you can either choose to send to the whole student body (by toggling the "All School" switch) or you can limit the recipients to certain houses/dorms or certain school groups.

Student forms can either be sent as a campaign or made available in their Orah account for them to submit on an ad-hoc basis. Students must have a connected Orah account in order to submit forms.

Staff Forms

Staff member forms have a few more options included due to the fact that staff members are able to fill out Student Information forms for one or multiple students simultaneously.

The first crucial step, as in all forms, is to decide whether the form is collecting Student Information (examples include health screens, dorm room checks, well-being evaluations) or General Information (duty logs, maintenance reports, etc.).

If a form is collecting Student Information, the next step is to determine which students the form can collect information on. Next to assigned students, you'll choose whether this form will pertain to 'Preset Students', meaning staff members will need to fill out the form for each of the selected students, or 'Selected by Staff when submitting', meaning each time staff members fill out the form they can choose the specific student(s) the submission refers to.

Next, you can narrow the student scope of the form to students in specific houses and/or groups as needed.

In the form builder, you'll also be able to choose between 'Individual Form', meaning each form submission will only pertain to a single student, or 'Grouped Form', meaning a form submission can refer to a group of students as chosen by the staff member when submitting the form.

Finally, in the Submission Options section, you'll need to decide which staff members will receive access to submit the form and whether it will be sent as a campaign or be available to those staff members in their accounts on an ad-hoc basis.

Parent Forms

Creating a Parent form follows the exact same steps as creating a Student form, with the parents as recipients filling out the form with information about their connected student.

Note: Because information in parent forms needs to be associated with a specific student, parents will only receive Form campaigns or see available ad-hoc forms if they have a connected Orah account.

Public Forms

Public forms are used to collect responses/information from those in your school's community that do not have connected Orah accounts or those outside your school's community.

When creating a public form, you can only create a General Information form since the responses will not be tied to specific students.

The form created will generate a hyperlink that you can share with others and the submissions will be saved in Orah for easy tracking.

With these different forms, here are a few use cases that you can use them for in your school/boarding house:

  1. Collecting Permissions for students from parents

  2. Getting consent from students/parents

  3. Forms to manage extra-curricular activities

  4. Forms to collect medication information

  5. Forms to collect general feedback from Parents/Students

Note: Any time you edit the form in the form builder after it is originally saved, the hyperlink will change.
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