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Orah Account Checklist
Orah Account Checklist

Let's make sure your school is ready to go live with Orah and get the most out of the system

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Below is a checklist to confirm your Orah account is ready for your school's use. Of course, every school is different, but these are our general recommendations:

[ ] Staff members trained by other staff or an Orah representative
[ ] Houses/dorms created
[ ] Student and contact database CSV imported or

[ ] SIS integration enabled
[ ] Orah apps downloaded to staff devices
[ ] NFC checkpoints assigned and adhered to locations around campus
[ ] Leave types generated
[ ] Roll checks created
[ ] Customize Pastoral names and subcategories
[ ] Tags assignments completed
[ ] Students invited to create accounts
[ ] Parents notified about Orah and then sent an account invitation

[ ] Forms created and scheduled

โ€‹If you aren't sure about any of these features or the configuration of your account, please let us know by clicking the chat bubble in the right-hand corner or by emailing or messaging your school's Customer Success Manager directly. We're always happy to help!

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