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Let Orah help your catering department plan for meal times and reduce waste

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Orah's catering function lets you set meal times and tracks early/late meal requests as needed by the student body. Additionally, catering numbers will be made available on a daily basis, taking into account those students who are currently on pass, allowing your catering staff to prepare the correct amount of meals.

Setting Meal Times

From the Admin Console, scroll down to the Activities (Coordinate) product and click 'Meal Settings'.

Enter your daily meal times:

Adding 'Meal Options' to Passes

From the Admin Console, scroll down to the Attendance (Supervise) product and click 'Passes'.

Here, you can edit applicable passes (or add a new pass type just for early/late meal requests) for which you would like the requestor to have the option to select if they require an early or late meal.

In the fourth section of creating or editing a pass, 'Form Builder', make 'Meal Options' optional, which will create fields in the pass for students to request an early or late breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Viewing Catering Numbers

To view catering numbers, toggle to Activities (Coordinate) from your Orah Homeboard and select the Catering tab on the left-hand side.

This will display early or late requests and students who are expected to be on campus on the listed day will show as "on time". Students who are on a pass or are expected to be on a pass on a given day will not be included in the meal tally.

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