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What is the Activity Feed?

The Activity Feed provides you with an overview of exactly what has been happening either in your individual house or your full school over a period of time. You will gain insight into what has been logged for student wellbeing (pastoral), attendance (rolls), late returners (passes), when it is a student's birthday, and any notes (such as duty logs) that the staff has shared.

An easy way to grasp the concept of this feature is to think of the Orah Activity Feed like Facebook's Newsfeed.

Accessing the Activity Feed

Web App

In the left-hand navigation select Activity Feed.

iOS App

Select the menu icon in the top left corner then select Activity.

Filtering the Activity Feed

Navigating your school's activity feed is easy with the filter options.

Click on any of the tabs to only see events of that type and to view detailed information.

You can also select the 'All School' button at the top of the Activity Feed to limit your view to events related to a specific house. The date range can be adjusted to view records within a specific time period.

Adding a new post to the Activity Feed

Depending on how your school chooses to use the notes function of the Activity Feed, you may be required to leave notes such as Duty Logs on a daily or weekly basis.

To add a post, select 'New Post' at the top right of the Feed.

More information on creating posts can be found within this article: Creating a post and using post templates

Subscribing to a daily digest email

Staff members can subscribe to a daily digest on the activity feed. This email is sent at 12 am (based on the timezone of the school) and will include a summary of the posts for the previous day. Posts are ordered by houses to keep all related posts grouped together. This might be useful for staff members who are not frequently using Orah but still need to be informed of any activity captured within posts.

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