Accessing and understanding meal numbers in Orah

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Navigate to the Activities (Coordinate) tab and click on 'Catering'.

The numbers for catering are determined as follows:

Early and Late

A student will show for an early or late meal if they have indicated they require one when filling out their leave form AND if their departure/return is before or after your pre-set meal times.

For example, if a student is departing campus at 7am and has indicated they need an early meal AND your breakfast meal that day is set at 8am, they will show in the 'Early' Breakfast section. If a student has indicated an early meal but their departure time is AFTER your scheduled mealtime, they will NOT show in the early section.


This is the total number of students signed in to campus during these meal times. Students signed out, or students who have an approved leave and are scheduled to be out during those mealtimes will NOT be included in the 'On Time' numbers.


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