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Using Pastoral care for symptom tracking & alerts
Using Pastoral care for symptom tracking & alerts
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Using our Pastoral feature you can log symptoms for your staff to track. When these records are logged, alerts through our watchlist feature can be applied to your student's card/ view, notifications to different parties can be sent, and also as an update within your Activity feed will be displayed. This makes this feature set a great option to use when tracking symptoms and temperature logging for individual students.

This article covers how you can add COVID-19 related pastoral types, how to log these against a student, reviewing these records, and staff members turning notifications on for watchlist items.

Creating COVID-19 related categories and subcategories

In order to implement a straightforward tracking system for your staff, we recommend configuring your pastoral types to include custom pastoral types and subcategories. To make these changes, simply select the Admin Console, open the Pastoral option, add either a COVID-19 pastoral category or apply COVID-19 related subcategories under one of your existing pastoral types.

For my example, I have added a COVID-19 pastoral type with a number of subcategories.

Once you have pressed save, these will now appear for your staff to use

Logging Pastoral

Simply select your student, click pastoral, pick your pastoral type, select the subcategory, and complete the form. Please ensure you toggle on the watchlist option so this can add the icon to your student's card and notify your staff of this update.

For my example below I have applied my COVID-19 pastoral type with the subcategory of symptom tracking

Once you press the save button an icon is added next to your student's name, this is when the notification is sent to staff members and this is also logged to your Activity Feed.

Filtering to review watchlist items and records

To monitor the students who are on the watchlist you can apply a filter to your home board view.

Updating notification settings for staff

In order for your staff members to receive notification for watchlist items, they will need to amend the notification settings. This needs to be done directly through a staff member's account, an administrator cannot assign notifications on behalf of a staff member. Click here to find out how to configure notifications


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