Pastoral Summaries (AI)

Pastoral Summaries allow school to generate summaries of a student's pastoral record using AI (ChatGPT).

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What is Pastoral Summaries?

Pastoral Summaries allow school to generate summaries of a student's pastoral record using AI (ChatGPT). These summaries can be useful for end-of-term reports or to send to parents/guardians to keep them aware of their students' conduct in school.
🧭 Navigate : Student Care (Nurture) > Pastoral > Pastoral Summaries
​Use this link to directly go to the summaries.

Learn how to use summary page :

(click on pointers above to jump to that specific section)

☝🏽 Note - Not all staff/admin users will have access to the pastoral summary page, it depends on additional pastoral access permission. Staff/admin only have permission to create/view summaries for their respective students account.

-Depending on the school, word 'pastoral' might be different as to conduct/behavioural/wellbeing. Read about it here (admin).

Access to Pastoral Summary

We've introduced a new permission option specifically designed for the Pastoral feature, titled 'Create, edit, and delete pastoral summaries.' Enabling this option grants staff/admin users access to the Pastoral Summary functionality. This enhancement enables schools to grant staff/admins more fine-grained access to Pastoral Summaries, providing greater control and flexibility.
The option to 'Create, edit, and delete pastoral summaries' can only be enabled if the 'Create pastoral notes' permission is also enabled. By default, all administrators with the 'pastoral create/view' feature enabled will automatically have summary access applied to their accounts. For non-admin users to gain this permission, it must be individually granted within their staff user permissions or by adding the permission to a new/existing user role. Read more about additional permission here.


Generating A New Pastoral Summary

To generate a new pastoral summary, follow the bellow steps :
🧭 Navigate : Student Care (Nurture) > Pastoral > Pastoral Summaries >

  • Click on Generate Summary on top right corner to open a new summary page

  • Naming Summary Page - Naming makes it easy for the staff/admin to search among all the summaries created. If a name is not set, Orah system will automatically use naming convention when hit saved.
    ​Naming Format - Student XYZ - Date Range

  • Selecting Date Range - Choose the date range for pastoral notes to be summaries. Only pastoral notes created within this date range will be considered to get summarised.

  • Selecting Student - Summary can be created for one student at a time. User can only create summary for their respective assigned students. As soon as the student is selected, below chart will appear, stating total number of pastoral/behavioural records created along with time line.

  • Selecting Categories - Once the date range, the student has been selected, select the categories of Pastoral records to be summaries. Only pastoral notes created under the selected categories will be considered to get summarised. As per the school, categories will be shown as below. By default all the pastoral categories will be selected. One can also search though the list of pastoral categories.

  • Writing Prompt - Once all the three main parameters Date, Student & Category is provided, a prompt will appear below the chart. By default we have added this prompt 'Give an overview summary of the above pastoral records in one to two paragraphs' for the AI to fetch the required summary. User can tweak, rewrite it accordingly.

  • Summaries Generated
    ​Once all the above parameters is captured, click the Generate button beside the prompt.

    A summary will be generated as per the prompt provided. Summary will differ each time πŸ“‹ generate button is pressed even when the prompt is similar. If any parameter is changed after generating the summary, the summary will be lost. School have the option to add or edit the generated summary as they deemed fit.

☝🏽Note - The quality of pastoral notes created determines the quality of summary. The more the detailed pastoral/behavioural note, the more the detailed Pastoral AI Summary.



View Individual Pastoral Records

While generating pastoral summary for students, staff can view pastoral records individually which combines to form those summaries. For example if for Student A there are 5 pastoral records in total for last seven days, staff can view those 5 records individually.
To view records simply click 'View records' button underneath the body of summary generated.

Follow the belowπŸ‘‡ screen for Viewing Records

View Pastoral Summary List

☝🏽 Note - not all students displayed on homeboard would be found on the pastoral summaries page because it depends on additional pastoral access permission. This means that if a user only has permission to create, edit and delete pastoral summaries notes for 30 students out of 100, they will only see the names of those 30 students. Read more here.

Staff/Admin with to 'Create, edit and delete pastoral summaries' will be able to see the overview page inside the Student Care (Nurture) tab called β€˜Pastoral’.
If a staff/admin user sees a blank page at Pastoral Summaries, this is could mean either no pastoral summaries have been generated or user don't have access to the student records. Once at least one pastoral summary has been generated for a student, users will be then able to see the summary item within the list view.
Each pastoral summary item gives the user a general overview of the summary. This includes the summary title, student name, donut chart, some content, and when the summary was generated. Summaries are sorted by creation date.

Editing & Deleting Summaries

Editing a pastoral summary - The pastoral summaries permission allows staff to create, edit and delete only their own summaries.
Both Editing and Deleting can be done from the same options - users can delete/edit by either selecting the ellipsis (3 dots to right) of each item in the list view, or by selecting the "More" button within the summary.
Follow the belowπŸ‘‡ screen for Viewing, Deleting and Editing (edit was added later)
🧭 Navigate : Student Care (Nurture) > Pastoral > Pastoral Summaries

PDF Reports

Pastoral Summaries generated can be downloaded in PDF form. This PDF can be further printed or shared. To download the PDF, click on the 'πŸ“₯ Download PDF' button found on the right hand side of the report generated.

☝🏽 Note - PDF can only be downloaded after a report is saved not prior to it.

PDF report will include all information of the summary :

  • Name of the report

  • Timeline of report

  • Student name

  • Created by Staff name

  • Creation date and time

  • Pie Chart - with total pastoral records summaried in the report

  • Column Chart - with pastoral record spread over time

  • Both chart has breakdown for pastoral categories and sub-categories

  • Body of summary generated

Follow the belowπŸ‘‡ screen for downloading the Pastoral AI Summary PDF


Sharing Summary (& Revoking)

Pastoral Summaries generated can be shared with other staff members - outside or within Orah. One summary can be shared at a time to multiple staff. To share the summary, click on the 'Share' button found on top right hand side of the report generated.

This will open a dialogue box called 'Share Summary', where name of staff(s) needs to be entered. Their is also an option to add note which will be added in the email notification received by recipient staff member upon sharing the summary.

Sharing option for staff within Orah

Sharing options for staff outside Orah

Follow the belowπŸ‘‡ screen for sharing the Pastoral/Behavorial AI Summary

Upon sharing the summary, recipient staff member will be receiving an email notification as shown below :

Email to staff member within Orah

Email to staff member outside Orah

Staff members who are not an Orah user will also be receiving an email with link to create an account

In-case of wrong share or for other reasons, the access of the summary can be revoked by using the same Share button. Staff members with whom the summary has been shared, will be listed out in the same share summary dialogue box. Use the X cross button to revoke access, which will be followed by a conformation with a green ribbon at the bottom 'Shared access revoked successfully'.

☝🏽 Note
​- Sharing can only be done after a report is saved not prior to it.

- If a staff member doesn't has access to the student or the summary feature, sharing would supersede the permission only for that summary (a general note below will be displayed while sharing)

Read more about Pastoral Notes here -
Hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions (anything on how ChatGPT works and it's data safety), just click the blue chat icon at the bottom right corner of this page, we will help you navigate through it. Cheers !


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