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Change Pastoral Terminology

Choose form 4 sets of words - Pastoral (default) | Behaviour | Conduct | Well-being

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Pastoral Feature Terminology

Admin users can choose pastoral terminology from 4 sets of words better suiting to the schools culture. Pastoral is a term that originated from Christianity and is most commonly used in boarding schools. To make the feature fit the larger cultural context for all our schools, we have the ability for schools to choose a name that best fits their needs.

☝🏽 Note : Only admin users can change the name of the pastoral feature. Even if a non-admin user has access to the pastoral settings page they will not be able to see the icon button to change the name.

🧭 Navigate > Homeboard > Student Care (Nurture) > Pastoral > Select the EN icon top left corner > Select the terminology and hit save.

Step 1 - to change the name of the feature, an admin user will need to select the naming icon button to the right of the “Pastoral” header when they navigate to the pastoral feature page under Student Care (Nurture).

Step 2 - A window will open that will display the 4 options available to choose from i.e. Pastoral (default) | Behaviour | Conduct | Well-being.

  • Once users have selected the term they wish to use and select the save button, the term "Pastoral" will be replaced instantly reflected across the entire platform.

  • The term "Pastoral" will only be replaced in all the encoded format throughout the app. This means that if school had previously created a pastoral category or subcategory lets say ‘Pastoral Merit+ Points’, it would not change the use of the term pastoral as the school have created and has control over it.

  • All email notifications that will be sent to staff, student and parent users will be updated to reflect the terminology selected.

  • These changes include but aren’t limited to: staff permissions, feature page, feature tab, homeboard, student profiles, activity feed, reports & dashboards, workflows, staff users notification settings etc. as shown below :

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