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Creating Health Screenings in Orah

Allow your students to provide self-assessments to determine the overall wellbeing of your student body

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In order to support a safe return for students, Orah saw many schools utilizing our Forms tool to develop daily and weekly health screens to ensure the overall health of the student body.

This article will outline how you build out these symptom checks, what this looks like for your students, and what the responses look like from the web app.

Building out symptom/ health check surveys

Creating a form

Open the Forms page in your Admin Console, click '+ New Form', and then select the Student Form option.

The creation of a form is divided into phases:

1. Name & Description

Your first step is to name your form and provide a description (optional).

My example below is as a Daily Health Check with the description requesting the students to respond to this by 11am.

2. Information Type

The second step is to decide the type of information you wish to collect. In this health screening check, we'd recommend selecting the student information option. This will allow you to assign to either all students, a house, or groups. This style will also provide the ability to log the student's response to the student profile.

In my form below, I have applied the student information and have opted to include All School (all of my students) in this form.

3. Form Builder

The form builder provides the ability to customize your form to suit your needs. You can apply different response types (paragraph, multi-choice, file attachments, dates, signatures, etc), make this question required, have this response update selected student profile information, and also preview what this will look like for your students.

In my form, I have input the following questions:

  1. Have you been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms? If you select yes, we ask that you do not return to campus and to contact the nurse

  2. What is your temperature today?*

  3. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Apply all your questions and then select the preview button to confirm you are happy with the structure for your students.

Note: Please note that some locations will have different laws or legislations about asking or holding student temperatures. Please ensure you safeguard the students, school, and yourself by checking your local laws when asking students for this information. A workaround could be 'Is your temperature higher than X?'.

4. Submission Options

In the submission section, you will need to build out your campaign with your communication message, apply supporting documents (attachments), set your frequency, and then reminders to students who have yet to respond.

For my example, I want this to be pushed out to students every weekday morning at 6:30am to ensure all health checks occur before returning to school/ classes. So I have applied my frequency and also assigned a reminder for students who are yet to reply.

5. Permissions

The final section allows you to control who can review your student responses. As you can see in the below screenshot; all staff, specific staff, administrators, or house staff can be applied.

In my case, I have indicated specific staff so I can restrict the review to only my heads of school and nurses.

6. Notifications

In this step you can set a confirmation message that will display as a pop up when students complete the form.

You can also set a conditional message, which will send only when a specific response is selected by a student. In this example, if a student reports a fever, I have changed the message to recommend that the student remain in their room.

You have now created your symptom/ health check survey!

Submission responses

To find out how to access submission responses and see what these responses will look like, please click here.

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