How to enable and use the Veracross Integration
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With the Veracross integration, you can eliminate the overhead of double-handling data between two systems. Veracross will manage core information fields within Orah, so any updates made within Veracross will reflect in Orah upon your next automatic or manual sync. This will help ensure your data is consistent and accurate across the board.

What data can you sync?

Orah is capable of syncing a range of school information from Veracross. See below for the information that can be integrated.

One-way (read-only) sync from Veracross

  • Student information

  • Student contacts information

  • Houses (dorms) & student assignments

  • Groups (classes & teams) & staff to student mappings

  • Staff information

Two-way (sync & writeback) with Veracross

  • Attendance records: passes can create attendance records in Orah, attendance
    data in Veracross can create attendance insights in Orah

Enabling in Veracross

Veracross API Overview

We recommend your IT team reviews the Veracross API overview document so your school is comfortable with using the integration capability. Please see the Veracross API Overview page for more information.

Required security role

Adding a new Integration Partner who can use the Veracross API can be done by anyone with the OAuth_App_Admin security role (this feature isn't automatically enabled for SysAdmins).

Setting up the Orah integration in Veracross

  1. Login to the Axiom Identity & Access Management homepage: (

    Veracross Login Page

  2. Beginning from the Identity & Access Management homepage, click the "Add Integration Partner" link to open a view of your current integration partners. At the bottom, click the "Add New Partner" link to open a blank Integration Partner record.

    Alternately, click the Add Record button in the Find OAuth Applications query


  3. Populate the necessary fields on the blank partner record and click "Add New Partner".

    1. Description: Orah data sync

    2. Contact Name: Orah integration team

    3. Contact Email:

  4. After saving the Partner record, click the "Start Integration" link to generate an OAuth Application record for this new partner.

  5. Once on the record, click "Add OAuth Application" to create the record.

  6. At this point, the OAuth Application record has been created for Orah and Orah receives an invitation email guiding them through the next steps to access the Veracross Partner portal.

    1. Note: The email received by Orah doesn't contain any credentials or sensitive information. Information on how to use the API (including the OAuth credentials) is only available to the vendor on our Partner Portal, which they can access by following the instructions in the invitation email.

  7. After the OAuth Application record is created, we recommend you set the OAuth Application scopes.

    Scopes required are:
    List Academics.enrollments
    List Academics.classes.meeting_times
    List Athletics.rosters
    List Boarding.dorms
    List Boarding.dorms.students
    List Classes
    List Classes.attendance
    List Households
    List Parents
    List Relationships
    List Staff_faculty
    List Students
    List ContactInfo

    Update ClassAttendance


  8. Once complete, Orah will be notified and we will finalize the configuration within Orah and advise you when everything is working.

How it works

By enabling this integration, your Veracross API credentials will be authenticated and saved to our Orah database. An initial sync will take place to import all students from your Veracross database and merge any existing students in the Orah database.

Managing your data

Syncing your data

You can set the automatic sync to occur once every 24 hours (generally overnight) or alternatively, you can perform a manual sync with a single click which will sync your student information instantly.

Existing students

If you already have students in your Orah account, we do our best to automatically link existing students via individual matching references from within Orah and Veracross. If we are unable to match your students, you will find these students are listed on the debugger page where you can search and match these students.

Deleting students

As Veracross will manage your core information, you will need to mark a student as inactive in Veracross in order to remove them from your Orah account. We offer the option of deleting students, which will permanently remove all records associated with this student, or a deactivate option which will archive their records. The deactivate option is applied by default.

Boarding & Day Students

To detect boarding students, we check if a dorm (house) has been allocated to them in Veracross. Without a dorm allocation, we cannot identify students as boarders.

Conversely, if a day student has a dorm still allocated, they may be identified as a boarder.

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