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Getting around Orah using the new side navigation bar
Getting around Orah using the new side navigation bar

We have moved most of the tabs from the top navigation bar to the sidebar, changing the way you navigate the Orah app.

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We have changed the way you navigate around your Orah application. We have moved most of the tabs from the top navigation bar to the sidebar. Here’s why!

  • Numerous research has observed that the sidebar is easy to scan

  • The sidebar is easier to scale. We can add more items as our product grows.

  • The sidebar is widely used both in macOS and Windows applications as a primary means of navigation. We would like to give you a consistent experience as you adopt and use our product.

Here is how your new screen will look:

What’s new?

  • Previously, the homeboard was encompassed within Attendance (Supervise). We have moved it out and placed it as a separate tab. Homeboard will be visible on the top of the left nav bar and clicking on it will take you to your student profiles, enriched with data from different data points.

  • ​​Click the drop-down arrow next to a tab to see the options. You can scroll down to navigate to other options.

  • The left nav bar is collapsible. You can click on the small arrow as shown below to widen your screen. The icons of the left nav bar will still be visible. Options will appear in the list under the icon when you hover over it. For example, hovering over the Attendance (Supervise) icon will give you Schedule and Requests.

  • Quick Search has moved to its own pane on the top. You can easily find any student profile.

  • We have also included a Help & Learn section at the bottom of the sidebar. Clicking on it will take you to a window where you can browse Tutorials, Help Articles and New Feature Tours, and more.

  • Your profile is listed at the bottom. Clicking on your name will show you the following options: My Account, Leave Board, and Logout

We are continuously striving to enhance your customer experience. We will be adding exciting functionalities to the module soon. So be on the lookout for news and updates from our end.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to write to us.

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