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How to upgrade to the new API and enable Blackbaud integration?
How to upgrade to the new API and enable Blackbaud integration?

We are upgrading our API so there is more access to data between the Orah and Blackbaud.

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To be able to integrate with Orah, your first step will be to confirm with your CSM that you would like to set up the integration. If you are unsure of who your CSM is, please contact to get in touch.

Our new Blackbaud integration process has been simplified so it is easier for you to set up and has more data available to pull into Orah. All you will need to start this process is your Blackbaud ID and password. Once you start the integration process you will be redirected to Blackbaud’s application authorization which will allow Orah to pull in data from your Blackbaud platform. Orah operates under Blackbaud’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so you can be assured that all data is secure.

Once you have authorized Orah to have access to your Blackbaud database, you will then be able to configure which of the available sync objects you would like to pull data into Orah from Blackbaud. For each of these sync objects, you can choose to create, update or delete data in Orah if any changes are made in your Blackbaud database. We recommend that you enable the auto-sync function as this will ensure that data displayed in Orah is frequently updated with any changes that are made within your Blackbaud database, giving you the most accurate and up-to-date overview of students.

After configuring what data is pulled into Orah from your Blackbaud database you will be shown a preview of where the Blackbaud data are mapped to fields in Orah. Selecting ‘Done’ will confirm the configuration settings you have selected, and complete the integration setup process.

Customers with no previous Blackbaud integration:

If you have not integrated with Blackbaud using the ON API, you will need to ensure the settings for the Blackbaud sync are aligned to what data you want to pull in, and what will occur to student profiles in Orah if they are deactivated in Blackbaud. To do this you need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on the Blackbaud integration page and make any changes to the settings available. By default boarding and day students' data will be pulled in, and students that are deactivated in Blackbaud will be deactivated in Orah.

After checking the settings for the integration are correct for your school, you will need to trigger an initial manual sync by selecting the ‘Sync’ button on the Blackbaud integration page. This initial sync can take some time as a vast amount of data is being pulled in at once. The ‘Sync’ button will stay in an inactive state whilst the initial sync and any future syncs are taking place. If you have enabled the auto-sync toggle, you can wait for an auto-sync to occur which will pull data in automatically. This auto-sync occurs every 24 hours.

How does it work?

By enabling this integration, Orah will receive a token that allows us to access your data. After enabling the integration you will need to trigger an initial manual sync to import all students, contacts, houses, and attendance records from your Blackbaud database and merge any existing students in the Orah database. Alternatively, if you have the auto-sync toggle enabled, you can wait for an auto-sync to take place to import all relevant data.

Managing your data

Syncing your data

You can set the automatic sync to occur once every 24 hours or alternatively, you can perform a manual sync with a single click which will sync data instantly.

Existing students

If you already have students created in your Orah account, we do our best to automatically link existing student profiles via individual matching references from within Orah and Blackbaud. If we are unable to match your students, you will find these students are listed on the debugger page where you can search and match these students to merge the profiles together.

Deleting students

As Blackbaud will manage your core information, you will need to mark a student as inactive in Blackbaud in order to remove them from your Orah account. We offer the option of deleting a student which will permanently remove all records associated with this student, or a deactivate option which archives their records. The deactivate option is applied by default.


If you are having any issues during the setup process or after you have completed the setup process please reach out to your CSM or contact us at where we can help resolve any issues that occur.

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