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How to Whitelist Orah Subdomains?
How to Whitelist Orah Subdomains?

Here is your guide to adding the Orah subdomain to the whitelist of your network security.

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Your school may need to add Orah network addresses to firewalls or other network security devices to ensure Orah can be properly accessed.

Whitelisting of addresses is commonly used by Network Administrators to ensure access is maintained for approved applications.

There are two options to add Orah to your network's whitelist.

All in one

Simply add "*" to your network's whitelist. As Orah uses multiple servers across the globe, adding an asterisk and a dot (*.) includes all available subdomains.

We advise all of our users to whitelist - "*" as it not only includes all current subdomains but any new subdomain to be added in the future will be included in it.

Region Specific URL

Since Orah is available in multiple countries, our subdomain also changes with every country. For example: -

Orah users in Australia

Orah users in America

Orah users in the EU

Please also be aware that some users may also be using older generation mobile app versions where '' is not recognised and it still user ''

Orah subdomains will change based on the region your school is located in hence whitelisting region-specific URL can be done "API-{region}"

Contact your CSM to know the server region of your school.

If you have any additional questions or feedback for us, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly.

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