Question Library is the place to manage, edit or add questions for your well-being surveys.

In order to create a library from scratch. You can go to the Conversational survey section under the Nurture module on your left side panel and open the Survey settings

Step 1 - Click on the Question Library tab, you will be able to see all the default questions provided by the system.
If you click on the (+ New Question) button you will be able to set up a custom question

Step 2 - Add your questions along with the response options that you want to be selected by the students.

With each question, you can add up to 3 tags that can be used to filter and manage questions in your Question Library.

(You can also see a live preview of the student’s screen while you are creating the questions on your right.)

There are 3 kinds of responses you can collect from the students

Open-ended text field: Best for collecting responses with an explanation

Multiple choice: You can have the students select a particular response (A maximum of 7 responses can be created in multiple choice)

Slider: You can provide the students with a scale and they can denote how they feel through a slider/scale.
You can set up the slider scale in 3 variations (5,7 & 11 point scale)

Step 4 - Review your questions from the open Library page you have created as per the tags and can add them directly to your survey.

Please note:

With the latest update, you can directly create questions from the survey builder:

To know more about creating a survey, please read the following article

If you have any questions after reading through, click the blue chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. This will start a conversation with one of Orah's Team.

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