(i) Orah Student account

(ii) Orah Student app (Available on the App store and Play Store) OR Orah Student web portal

Step 1:
You can log in to your Orah account from the student app or the Orah student web portal with your credentials. Once you log in you can select the wellness option from the home screen

Step 2:
You will find the option to choose 'My Surveys' from the list, you can access all the past surveys from here as well

Step 3:
Select the desired survey from the 'Awaiting Your Submission' section.

Step 4:

You can submit your answer for every question and click on Send, once you complete the survey; you can access the same in the survey history section

Step 5: You will receive the Survey Completion message, once you answer all the questions

Click here to read an article on how Students can check in and out of a location on Orah

If you have any questions after reading through, click the blue chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. This will start a conversation with one of Orah's Team.

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