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How to create an Emergency Roll?
How to create an Emergency Roll?

The Safeguard feature enables you to create multiple rolls for emergency situations, to better track student safety.

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Orah's Emergency Rolls feature allows schools to communicate with students, staff, and parents in emergency situations and ensure student safety. Emergency Rolls give staff members the ability to mark students as safe during a crisis, allow students to mark themselves as safe or in danger, and send messages via email, push notification, or SMS* at the start and end of the roll to keep the community aware of the situation at hand.

Here's an example of creating an emergency Fire Drill roll:

  1. From the left menu, navigate to the Admin Console section and scroll down to the 'Safeguard' Tab.

  2. Click on 'Add new Roll type' from the far right of the screen

  3. Assignments

    Choose to who this roll applies. Leave the toggle on if this will apply to the whole school or toggle it off to choose a specific house for this roll.

  4. Default Options

    Choose which groups/houses would you like the roll to automatically use when you start it (if any). If you would like students be automatically signed in to a location when marked as present, toggle that option on, and choose what location they should be signed in to.

    Is this a Live Roll? (Reminder: a live roll allows multiple staff members to participate in the same roll.) If so, set which staff should default to collaborate. If you want to have all staff mark students' safety, click on 'Invite All'.

  5. Permissions

    Choose which staff can initiate the roll, invite other staff, or complete it.

  6. Codes

    You can customize the different codes available to you during the roll (e.g. Safe, In Danger), as well as which state the students will start in when the roll is started. You can also add new codes, if applicable.

  7. Alerts

    This section provides you with the option(s) of sending a notification to Staff, Students and Parents when the roll is started.

  8. You can also enable the students to mark themselves as 'Safe' during the emergency roll check.

  9. You can send a notification when the roll is completed to Staff, Students and Parents.

    If you choose to send alerts when a roll is initiated (and/or completed) you will see the options for which groups you can direct the messaging to, and how that message is sent. By crafting your messaging here in the setup, it will be ready to go when a roll is started.

    Here are a few other emergency rolls that you can create and have as templates in your account for emergency situations:

    1. Lockdown

    2. Active Shooter

    3. Default Safety Check

    4. Reverse Evacuation

    5. Excessive Wind Tornado

You can follow the same process as above in creating the rolls for different situations and change the notifications that are being sent to Staff/Students/Parents.

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