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Sending Conversational Surveys

Here is a detailed article for you with steps on sending your well-being survey to your students.

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How to Send Conversational Surveys:

Task: This article will help you send out the conversational surveys

Prerequisites (if applicable): You will require staff access to the conversational surveys to access and send the survey

[Step 1] In the left-hand navigation panel, select Student Care (Nurture) and then select Conversational Surveys

[Step 2] Now, click on the Send Survey button available in the top right corner of the screen

[Step 3] From the available list of Surveys, click on the one that you wish to send.

[Step 4] Select your audience, time & other settings before sending the Survey

You can send your survey to the entire school or a specific House or a Tag of students.

Additionally, users have the choice of scheduling the survey to be sent at a certain time or immediately to the students by email or push notification on the student app. The survey results access can be customized to certain staff or all staff members
​Please note:
With the latest update, individual student reminders can be sent from the dashboard, you can access the dashboard by selecting the desired survey and clicking the student button beside the summary, you will be able to send reminder to the individual students

Outcome: Users can send conversational surveys.

Read the following article to know about Well-being Survey data reports.

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