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What are Host endorsements/approvals and how do they work?
What are Host endorsements/approvals and how do they work?

How to manage your workflow when configuring your leave types.

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Orah gives you the ability to get hosts to approve a student's leave request. Hosts will be notified by email when there is a leave request requiring their approval.

Admin settings
If you are not an admin user, or you know your leave type is set up correctly please skip down to the Process section.

Go to the Passes under Admin Console and select the Pass or Leave you want to add Host detail to or create a new leave type. Make sure you are looking at 'Advanced Options', not 'Basic Options'

In section 5 'Workflows' click on the '+' icon to open more options.

Click on the '+' leading you to endorsement settings

Now, from the dropdown, you can choose who can endorse this leave request. Select 'Host Email Link' for Hosts to be able to endorse the leave. You can select both Parents and Hosts for endorsement and later define the conditions whether you need both approvals or whether either would do by clicking on 'Add Step'

Parent/Student Process

 Student/ Parent applies for leave and inputs host's details.
 - Click New Pass

 - Select your student (you won't need to do this if you are connected to one student)
 - Select the type of leave you want to apply for

In the form either select from one of the pre-loaded contacts to be the host or click 'Other Contact...' to fill in the details of a new contact.

Host Process
The host will receive an email with leave information and a link to 'View Pass Request'.

Once the Host follows the link, they can approve or decline the leave request. They can also add a message should they choose to.

Host decision will now show on leave request, which staff can review to give the final approval. (If this leave required parent and staff approval there would be two more coloured dots. Grey indicates not approved, and green indicates it has been approved)

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