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How to request a Pass without account ?
How to request a Pass without account ?

This article explains how to use a public pass request link by an approved contract for passes/leaves.

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Requesting pass without login/account

This article explains how to use a public pass request link by an approved contract for passes/leaves. The new public request link allows approved contacts to submit passes for students without the need for them to create a family or parent app account.

Approved Contacts are those users who are added as contacts in the student profile by the school and marked approved. An approved user could also be a parent or guardian who are connected via the Family App.

Accessing the Public Link

After the school has set up the public request pass link from their side, approved contacts will be able to submit the pass. You would require the unique URL link to request a pass, incase you haven't received from the school ask for the public URL link.

Request Link would look something like this -

  • Get the URL link from the school

  • Paste the URL link to any web browser (safari/chrome etc) from mobile or desktop

  • A webpage with the school banner will open, asking for email

  • Enter your email ID to receive an OTP

  • Check your email, an OTP will be received via email from

  • Enter the OTP received via email onto the URL link page in the web browser

    Note - OTP is valid for 2 mins only.

  • Press 'Confirm'

  • List of all students connected along with the list of all school passes available to request will be displayed

  • Select a child, and then the pass you want to request for
    Note - only passes available for public link request will be displayed

  • Enter the all the details of the pass

  • Press 'Send Request'

A request has being created and send to the school. Both the you, the approved contact and student will be notified via email. Students can see the pass requested on their account under the Notifications/Pass tab.

☝🏽 Note : Users will be able to submit a single pass request for a single student in one session. They will have to login again to submit another pass request either for the same or different student

Frequent Questions & Answers
Q1. What will happen if the contact user is not approved by the school or enters a wrong email address ?

A1. In case the users enters a wrong email address, they will see an error saying "We cannot find the email address entered by you". For a non-approved contact user, they will see an error saying "Your contact is not approved, please reach out to the school", by which they will be indicated to contact the school to add them as an approved contact for their student.

Q2. What happens if a approved contract users enters an incorrect OTP?

A2. If the user enters an invalid OTP, they will be shown an error with the number of attempts remaining. The users will only be allowed up until 5 incorrect OTPs, before their account is locked for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, users can try to login again using the same link and get a revised OTP.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, just click the blue chat icon at the bottom right corner of this page, we will help you navigate through it. Cheers !

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