Syncing Passes with Blackbaud
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Pass Setup

Similar to marking attendance manually, Orah now has the capability to automatically update Blackbaud attendance records when a pass is activated in Orah.

This article will provide you with detailed guidance on the setup and configuration necessary to enable Orah Passes to seamlessly sync with Blackbaud Attendance records.

🧭 Navigate : App Directory > SIS Partners > Blackbaud > Pass Records > Settings

You can activate this feature by clicking on the "+ Data Filter" option on the screen above. Doing so will prompt a selection menu where you can specify which pass to push and which attendance record to create in Blackbaud. It will ask :
​When a _______pass______is activated in Orah, create an attendance record with______excuse______in Blackbaud as below.

In the below example, a 'Parent Pass' created in Orah will create an attendance record with the 'Away with Parents' excuse in Blackbaud.

This will update the student's attendance record in Blackbaud. Click on Save to see a green ribbon on the bottom of the screen.
Passes are now ready to be PUSHED.
You can add and map as many passes as required.

What is sent to Blackbaud

Active Passes only

When the sync is active and excuse codes are appropriately mapped for a specific pass type, Orah will automatically generate attendance records in Blackbaud whenever a pass of that type is activated. This ensures that attendance data is accurately and consistently recorded in Blackbaud's system.

Comment / Notes field

In Orah, the "Comment" field of attendance records is utilized to include the Pass description, followed by "[via Orah Pass]" to indicate records created through Orah. As an example, if you have a "Medical Leave" pass type in Orah with a description of "Medical leave pass for extended medical absences," it will be displayed in Blackbaud as follows:

How to check records in Blackbaud

Due to limitations in how attendance records are synced to Blackbaud, not all attendance views in Blackbaud will accurately display the fact that a pass has been recorded.

This can happen in the following situations:

  • The pass covers multiple days

  • The pass was activated before the current day

In these scenarios, the only place to accurately check that attendance records have been sent from Orah to Blackbaud is the "Student Attendance" view:

This view will display all absences associated with a student.

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