Configuring Daily Rolls

Setting up daily roll types to determine how the roll records will be saved

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Boardingware's Roll system has three main components: Daily Rolls, Emergency Rolls and Automatic Rolls. This guide will show you how to create a Daily Roll Type from the perspective of the School Administrator. If you were instead looking for how to take rolls, please click here to go to that guide.

Web app only

First access School Management Menu. How?

In the School Management page, open the 'Manage Rolls' tab. Then click on "New Roll Type"

At this point you will be greeted with the options of creating a Daily Roll, Emergency Roll or an Automatic Roll. Choose Daily Roll.

First name your roll, then you can choose from the following options:

  1. Assignments: Who does this Roll apply to, specific houses, or all school?

  2. Default Options: What groups/houses would you like the Roll to automatically use when you start it?

  3. Permissions: Which staff can start the roll, invite other staff, or complete it?

  4. Actions: You can customize the different states available to you during the roll (Present, Late, Absent), you can also add new states, based on the principle of attendance. See animation below for an example:

4. Actions example

Scroll to the top and click save at the right side. You will now see your roll type on your Manage Roll page and you will now be able to select this roll type when completing a roll check.

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