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How to create a Merit / Demerit Pastoral category?
How to create a Merit / Demerit Pastoral category?

Create separate categories for Merit/Demerit pastoral notes for logging records towards students.

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  1. From the Admin Console, under 'Nurture', click on 'Pastoral'.

  2. Click on 'New Category' from the top right corner

  3. Choose a relevant color and symbol. Add an internal description for your users to refer to, if and when needed and configure the watchlist and notifications preferences.

  4. Make sure to turn on the 'Point Value' toggle, so that you will be able to add a Merit/Demerit score for each student while logging the pastoral note. You will be able to view these scores under the 'Insights' section.

  5. Once you are done creating the pastoral category, click on 'Save'.

    Click here to learn more about logging a pastoral note and viewing pastoral records.

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