What are Passes?

A Pass is a way to show that a student is off campus, or is otherwise not where they would normally be. There are many different types of passes that can be created: weekend leaves, college visits, meals off campus, health center appointments, to name a few.

Passes can be setup for a quick trip off campus that student's can activate on their own or can be setup to require endorsement from both guardians and teachers to ensure proper permissions have been received.

Passes may also be reserved for staff use - for team sign-outs on a trip to an away game, health center visits, and more.

Creating a Pass

From the Admin Console, scroll down to the Supervise product and select 'Passes'.

In the top right corner, click '+ Add New Pass'.

Section 1: Name and Description

Enter the details of your pass. You can also edit the color of the icon to help you organize your pass types.

Section 2: Locations

Select which location options will be available for selection when students are filling out the form for this pass. Toggle on 'Other' next to a zone to allow students to type in a destination that is not listed.

Section 3: Assignments

If you toggle off All Students, you will be given options to assign the pass to certain Houses and/or Groups. This means the pass can be restricted to students of certain age levels or permission levels.

Section 4: Form Builder

Build the leave form to suit your needs. As you toggle each option on, you will see it appear on preview on the right. Left of the toggle there is an edit button to help you pre-select options. On the form itself you can also preset options to save time. Click here to learn how to customize transportation options.

Section 5: Workflow

Gain total control over the request and approval process from allowing parents and students to apply, ordering endorsements, having certain staff approve, and allowing approved leave to be signed out on the Kiosk. Please click here for a detailed look into how to get the most out of the Workflow.

Section 6: Rules

This section allows you to set automations to streamline the pass. You can also set the pass to automatically sign the student out at the time of departure, as well as enable reminders to be sent before, during, and once the pass is over.

When toggling on each notification option, you can choose what type of notification can be sent (push, email available for student, email available for parent), and when to send the notification. You can add more than one reminder for each option as well.

You can also set time restrictions around the pass: how long students can sign out for, when they can depart, and the time they need to return. The highlighted rule summary will change in real time as you adjust the rules.

You can set the leave to repeat on all days, or set days of the week. There are four options to define the rule: After, Before, At, Between. You can add up to 3 departure rules, and 5 return rules.

Making this a 'Hard Rule' will not allow users to submit the request if the rules are not met. A soft rule will allow the user to submit the request but will show a notification which informs the student that the leave should follow the rule.

The 'Applies to' toggle refers to which user type the rule will apply to. If you would like staff to be able to override the rule, add 'Students' to this section.

Finally, at the top right click the green 'Save' button.

Edit, Review, or Copy a Pass

In the Passes menu, you will see a list of all Passes. Click on the three dots to the right of a Pass name to edit, copy, deactivate, or delete a pass.

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