What are Recurring Passes?

A guide to Recurring passes by Orah

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What are Passes?

A Pass is a way to show that a student is off campus, or is otherwise not where they would normally be. There are many different types of passes that can be created: weekend leaves, college visits, meals off campus, and health center appointments, to name a few.

Passes can be set up for a quick trip off campus that students can activate on their own or can be set up to require endorsement from both guardians and teachers to ensure proper permissions have been received.

Passes may also be reserved for staff use - for team sign-outs on a trip to an away game, health center visits, and more.

What are recurring passes?

Recurring Passes allow you to create a series of repeating leaves within just a single leave and approval process.

Recurring passes will enable the staff to sign students off on the pass once instead of signing them off every day. They can also customize it by limiting it not just by numbers but also by the time of the week as well.

This enhancement of the pass features will save staff time as they no longer need to create individual passes for repeating events.

Read about creating a recurring pass by clicking on the following link

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