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What are Passes?

A Pass is a way to show that a student is off-campus, or is otherwise not where they would normally be. There are many different types of passes that can be created: weekend leaves, college visits, meals off-campus, health center appointments, to name a few.

Passes can be set up for a quick trip off campus that students can activate on their own or can be set up to require endorsement from both guardians and teachers to ensure proper permissions have been received.

Passes may also be reserved for staff use - for team sign-outs on a trip to an away game, health center visits, and more.

Signing a Student Out on a Pass

From the Homeboard, select the student(s) that are going on a pass and then click Pass at the top of the screen.

Choose the appropriate pass and enter the required information. If the pass is immediate, click 'Save' to mark the student(s) as on pass. If the pass is in the future, clicking 'Save' will make the pass scheduled, to be activated at a later time/date.

Approving a Student's Pass Request

Click Attendance (Supervise) in the left menu and then select Requests.

All current requests will populate. On the right side, it will show if the pass is awaiting any endorsements. When a pass says 'Awaiting Final Approval' then a staff member needs to approve to schedule the pass. Click a request to open the details of the pass.

Review the details of the pass, ensure the necessary information has been provided, and then click 'Approve'. If the pass cannot be approved as is, you can decline or send a request for the requester to resubmit.

Activating a Pass

From the Homeboard

When a pass is scheduled, an icon will display under the student's picture in the Homeboard. Click on the icon to bring up the pass information.

With the pass open, click 'Activate Pass' to start the pass and mark the student appropriately.

From Schedule View

Click Attendance (Supervise) in the left menu and then select Schedule. Here you can view upcoming departures based on scheduled passes.

Select the student(s) whose passes you would like to activate and then click 'Activate' at the top.

Ending a Pass

When a student is on a pass, their profile on the Homeboard will display with the pass color to show that the student is currently on a pass. Click on the student's photo to open the pass record.

With the pass record open, choose a new location for the student (On Campus, dormitory name, etc.) and then click 'End Pass' to mark the student as being back on campus.

If you wish to edit, copy or delete a pass, please refer to the following article -

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