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Forms: Reviewing Submissions
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Grouped Form Submissions

In your navigation bar, select Unify and then Forms.

Here, all existing form templates will populate. You can also narrow down the form type based on from whom the form is collecting information: students, staff, parents, or public.

Click on the name of the form for which you want to view responses. Immediately you will see all submissions for this form, listed by the most recent response.

Additionally, you can click Campaigns to see detailed information for each time this form has been sent. This is especially helpful for forms that are repeated daily, weekly, or monthly to collect information on a recurring basis.

Click on the name of the campaign for even more information, including which recipients have responded and which have not. From here you can also send reminders to those who have not yet responded in order to receive their completed form.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed, similarly located under the Platform tab on the left-hand side, may also show a log of responses received from Form campaigns. (When creating the form, administrators will have the opportunity to select different levels of visibility.)

Individual Student Responses

To view an individual student’s response, you can also visit their Student Profile. The form submissions will be listed under Records. Clicking on the form record will allow you to view their complete response.

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