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Using Tags to manage students who have and haven’t returned
Using Tags to manage students who have and haven’t returned
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Understandably your number of students in the school or boarding house for the remainder of the school term or year might be less than normal. If you are looking for a straightforward way of managing students who are currently present in your school or boarding house and filtering out the students that are not onsite then we’d suggest creating a school-wide tag for the students who have and haven’t returned.

Steps on creating a tag can be found here. You will want to use the manual assignment option so you can select which students are off or onsite. In the screenshots below you will see that there is one tag called onsite students and another called offsite students.

The benefit of having these two groups in place is that your boarding team can apply the group filter and use features (roll calls, pastoral, etc) to students who are physically onsite and then the offsite tag can be applied to the assignment section of your returning request and permissions event pass to collect their return details.

Remember to update your tag assignments as the students return to the boarding house.

Tag view from the Admin Console:

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