Setting Staff Notifications

Select when and how you want Orah to alert you

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In order to stay in the loop with the latest events at your school and with students under your purview, we strongly recommend turning on notifications.

Set up Notifications

To configure notifications, from the web app, please select My Account from the menu when you click your name from the right corner.


Navigate from 'Basic Info' to 'Notifications'. Under 'General Notifications' choose whether you would like notifications regarding the Activity feed or Checkpoints.

Under 'Student Specific Notifications' choose which students you would like to be notified about. If you are a residential staff member, you can choose your House or hall. If you are a dean of a class, choose a group for the 10th Grade. If you are a coach or an advisor, you can choose individual students to assign to yourself.

Then simply select the events you would like to receive notifications for and the type of notification you want to receive - an email, a push notification, or both.

Once these settings are saved you will begin receiving email and/or push notifications to any iOS device you're logged into.

Note: Push notifications show when the App is running in the background, on the lock screen.

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